Saturday, 9 November 2013

Top 5 Exercises to Grow Taller

Yoga does not only bring you inner peace; it also stretches those important parts of the body! There are steps in yoga that stretches the back, the sides, and the joints. The most famous positions include the cobra stretch, leg kick, side bends, cross legged backstretch, and curling pelvic thrusts. Perform the cobra stretch by laying flat on the floor, then slowly arching your spine, stretching the arms, and lifting the chin to ensure the curl of the spine. Keep your feet on the ground on this type of stretching. When doing a particular position, stay in that position for 30 seconds and repeat for three to five times to ensure best results.

Pilates roll over can be a bit more challenging, and the exact position can be executed once the body is already flexible due to constant exercise. The Pilates roll over can be done by lying your back flat on the ground, then lifting both legs pointing to the ceiling, and then bend it backwards until the foot touches the floor above your head. If the position can’t be accomplished at first, just keep on trying and you will get it in the future. This position requires the body to be flexible already. The Pilates roll over can stretch both the spine and the vertebrae of the neck. Stay in this position for 30 seconds and repeat it for three to five times to ensure better results.

One exercise that is obviously dedicated for growing taller is hanging. Learn how to get taller here. This is simply done by holding on a bar and suspending you body in a straight position. Hanging stretches the spine and joints. Remember to keep the tension on the spine, not on the wrist. Avoid swinging while hanging since it is going to disturb the stretching of the spine, and keep your feet together. This should be done at least 30 minutes a week. All this exercise needs is a bar that is 7 feet above the ground. If the bar is not present at home, then you may try hanging on a sturdy three.

A great morning exercise should include stretching, as it stimulates the blood circulation, and loosening of the tight muscles. Stretching increases the amount of growth hormones in the blood. This is also a pre- and post-workout activity. This results to flexibility and muscle control. The best stretching positions that should be included in your morning routine list are the following: for the neck, do neck forward and neck left and right. Then, the back must be stretched through the back extension position. For the sides, perform an elbow pull-over, shoulder over, and bridge stretch. Shoulder across and back are going to loosen the tension in the joints. Stretch your legs by performing the hamstring stretch, calf stretch, and quad and flexor stretch. Perform each position for around 10 to 15 seconds daily.

It is still best for your body to engage into sports, such as swimming, running, and cycling. These types of sports stretch important muscles, which can elongate your physique. Swimming is the most recommended as it has low risk of injuries, and it does promote increasing in height as long as it is performed properly.

There are a lot of exercises that promote growth. While these exercises are effective, you can maximize these potentials by combining regular exercise with proper diet and regular intake of water. Include a proper amount of rest at night as well in this growth equation. The natural way is an effective and cheap way to grow, as long as it is performed regularly at properly!
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