Saturday, 9 November 2013

Water is Vital for Growing Taller

Being composed of 55 to 75% water, it is no doubt that our body needs water. It is the most vital nutrient as it aids our body to function properly. Since the human body can’t store water, our body’s supply of it needs to be refreshed regularly. Water is excreted from our body through sweating, and urinating. The amount of water our body needs varies from our body size, metabolism, and the activities we do. A bigger body with faster metabolism, hot weather, and performing strenuous activities requires more water intake. Our body excretes 2.5 to 3 liters of water daily. Our body may survive for weeks without food, but it is only going to take us days without any water intake.

The important functions of water are maintaining the healthiness of each of our cells in the body, regulate temperature of the body through sweating (especially when we exercise), eliminates the by-products of metabolism in the body, carry nutrients and oxygen to cells, and aid the blood in circulating in the body. Lack of water can also make people fat! Water provides extra storage, and glucose is one of its customers. Without water, glucose is just going to be stored as fat cells. Fat cells are energy sources that are not utilized since there is no enough water to transport it. There are even more functions of water that are not stated in this list, but these factors are already enough to prove its importance. Although water is very important in the body, it may be harmful. The case of Hyponatraemia is rare, but is dangerous. This occurs when too much water intake caused too much reduction of sodium (water reduces sodium), which is needed for muscle contraction and sending nerve impulses. This only occurs when lots of liters of water is consumed in a short period of time.

Yes, there are a lot of benefits from water. I know you came here to know how water can improve your height, or if it even can improve your height. Here’s the answer: technically, water alone cannot make you grow taller. It is made of just hydrogen and oxygen, and no other growth-enhancing chemical or element is included in it. How to get taller. Unbelievably though, water is a great aid to make you grow taller! All the functions of water stated above are actually needed to make the vitamins and nutrients we intake for growth to be effective. Eating healthy foods that are meant to make you grow taller is useless if there is no water to digest it and to aid the nutrients in circulating around the body.

There are other sources of water, such as foods which are rich in this. The best example is fruit. Even if there are many forms of liquid which we can intake, try not to substitute water with others. Soda and coffee may even affect your growth negatively.

Eating healthy and living healthy is not going to make you taller overnight. It takes a long time to increase your height, but it is the safest and most inexpensive way to make you grow taller. It also takes time to make this a habit. This advice may be a cliché, but it is the best one. If you do not have time for drinking water and eating healthy, make time for it now. Start slow if you wish. Start by bringing a water tumbler where ever you go, and constantly refill it once you drank it all. Keep in mind that you need at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily! After changing your drinking habits, start working on changing your food preferences. Water aids in circulating the nutrients of the food. If the food is unhealthy, then water will circulate harmful substances in the body especially if it is in large and constant amounts. With regular water intake and proper diet in your normal routine, you are on your way to additional inches. Now, start introducing exercise in your lifestyle! Be motivated by your goal: to grow taller. There are exercises which do help people grow taller, such as yoga and other simple aerobics. With these three – water, proper diet, and exercise – you are on the safest track on getting taller and getting healthier. It’s a package deal with only good benefits in it!
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