Saturday, 9 November 2013

Improve Your Diet to Grow Taller

One of the foods that must be included in one’s proper nutrition is fish. It is high in protein and low in fat. Protein is design to function as a building block to help the body grow and to maintain it. At least one, or preferably two, meals a day must include protein. Other sources of protein are chicken, and egg whites. Fish can sometimes be served raw, unlike chicken which should be cooked well first. There should be two to three servings of this per day. Usually, fish and chicken are served for either lunch or dinner. It should be accompanied with rice or any other source of carbohydrates for a balanced diet. For those who want a slim figure as well, avoid eating chicken skin as it is very rich in calories and saturated in fat. This does not mean that you should banish yourself from chicken skin, though. You may eat it once in a while.

There must also be a proper amount of calcium in your diet! Calcium is responsible for the proper development of the bones. This also improves the condition of the spinal cord. With proper posture and good back bone, it may give a person a tall upper body. How can I get taller? This also gives a person a pretty smile as it strengthens the teeth as well. Calcium is found in dairy products, especially milk. Milk, yogurt, or cheese must be served two to three times a day. This is commonly served in breakfast and in snacks. For the lactose intolerant, they may get calcium in their body by taking supplements. Keep in mind that calcium for bone growth is needed even until you reach 30 years old! Beyond this age, calcium is still needed but it already focuses on other effects aside from bone growth for increasing of height. Calcium and lots of vitamins are also found on green leafy vegetables. Vegetables are rich in vitamins, and are low in fat. This should be served three to five times a day. A side dish of vegetables during regular meals is recommended. A healthy salad is a good snack option as well.

Carbohydrates are also important as it stores energy in our body. This energy is needed, like when we do stretching to elongate our muscles – even this simple activity burn out fats to yield energy. Carbohydrates can be found on bread, cereal, noodles, and rice. In the food pyramid, this is the most basic. This means that most, if not all, of our meals must contain carbohydrates. There should be six to eleven servings of these daily.

There’s also a list of food that can stunt growth; these must be avoided. Examples of this are food with too much fat, such as chicken skin. Another example is junk foods (the word “junk” itself already gave a clue). Ironically, too much carbohydrate is also one. But since our body needs a lot of it, exercise is going to help burn those excess carbohydrates. It is a common saying that caffeine can stunt growth. This is not directly true. But if caffeine affects one’s sleep and reduce it, then it does affect that person’s growth since the right amount of sleep is needed to regenerate the body – as well as the growth hormones.

Along with all the healthy foods stated at the top, eight to ten glasses of water must be drank daily. Water helps in growth by aiding the transfer of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to the right parts of the body. It also promotes good blood circulation; keep in mind that our blood contains growth hormones. Grow Taller 4 Idiots Our body can survive for weeks without food, but it can survive for only a few days without water. Also, get moving by exercising! The nutrients from the healthy food that we ate are not going to be utilized properly if we do not burn those.
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