Saturday, 9 November 2013

Proper Breathing Exercises that Help You Grow Taller

The common effect of not breathing properly is low energy, despite eating healthy and drinking lots of water. Low energy results from slow circulation of oxygen, which means that it takes more time for the organs to have oxygen. On the other hand, breathing properly leads to reduction of pain on the spine (and even straightens it), prevents constipation, and makes you happier. Breathing helps in releasing more endorphins that is also called as the “happiness hormone”. Proper breathing relieves stress – this makes the body more capable of growing.

To breathe properly, there are minor steps to be followed. These may seem insignificant, but they do make a difference. These steps are easy to follow anyway – implementation and practicing these steps daily is actually the more challenging part. When breathing in, the stomach must be the one that will expand – not the lungs. The diaphragm must be used correctly. There should only be 10 deep, slow, and proper breaths per minute instead of the usual 15-18 fast breaths. Click here to learn how to get taller and get the height of your dreams!

Perform breathing exercises for around 10 to 15 minutes daily. This can be done anywhere; therefore, this would not be much of a trouble. This would be best done if the mind is problem-free; so, clear your mind first of all the worries and stress around you. Remember to do this in a room or in an area where the air is pure and clean. Now, inhale for 4 seconds, retain that breath for 3 seconds, and then release all the air in your lungs for 12 seconds. It is a common mistake when we do not exhale all the air inside our lungs.

When in bed, stretch your body and place one hand over your stomach. Inhale for 4 seconds and keep in mind to expand your stomach (not the lungs), retain that breath for 3 seconds, and then release the air through your mouth. Apply a bit of pressure on your stomach to push all the air out. This exercise can help you sleep since it is very relaxing. Who knew you could exercise in bed, right?

If you have more time to do a breathing exercise, execute this next exercise while standing up. This involves stretching of arms while simultaneously doing the breathing exercise. The positioning of the arms start from raising it on your side, forming a straight line (as if imitating an airplane), then stretching your arms all the way up, and then slowly bringing it down to the back, making your hands meet at the back while pushing your torso outwards. Incorporate these steps by inhaling through your nose while your arms are stretched at the side for 4 seconds, retain that breath for 3 seconds while your arms are stretched all the way up, and exhale all the air in your lungs through the mouth for 12 seconds by putting your hands at the back and pushing your torso outwards. While exhaling, the stomach muscles should contract.

If you don’t have any time to do the breathing exercise in the morning and forgot to o it the night before, you may perform this while walking on your way to work or while climbing the stairs. Just make sure that the air in the area is not polluted. Start by inhaling through your nose for 6 steps, then hold your breath for 3 steps, and finally exhale slowly through the mouth for 18 steps. Repeat this exercise until you have done this for 10 to 15 minutes already. How can I grow taller?

You may change the time interval of your breathing. If you increase inhaling for 1 second, increase the exhaling time by 3 seconds. If you increase inhaling for 2 seconds, increases the exhaling time by 6 seconds. This list goes on. The retaining time of 3 seconds will not change.
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