Saturday, 9 November 2013

Human Growth Hormone – What you should know

To achieve greater height, there are two methods or types of injections used. The first one is by increasing HGH levels and Insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-1). This makes us grow fast. Anyone with normal levels of HGH is not going to grow taller with HGH injections – this holds true even for children. The second method in achieving greater heights is to grow longer (but slower) by reducing estrogen in the body. This closes the growth plates. When the growth plates are closed, the bones stop growing. This explains why women are shorter than me. Take note that women have higher estrogen levels than men.

What is the major hold back from getting HGH injections aside from the cost? There are many risks in taking these injections. For one, these are highly concentrated Human growth hormones. One it is injected in the body, the body may recognize it as a foreign substance. Once it does, the immune system is going to attack these. Keep in mind that the immune system is the body’s protection against diseases and foreign substances. This highly causes negative side effects of it, such as disorders and long-term damages in the body. Included in this long list of possible side effects are liver disorders, heart attack, kidney failure, gigantism, water retention, insulin resistance and diabetes. These cases are rare though, and it occurs mostly on those who took excessive amounts of HGH injections. To patients who are experiencing these, they may opt to do physiological replacement dose, reducing their intake to one unit of HGH four to seven days a week.

Despite the side effects, there are still successful cases of this. This is why this treatment requires prescription. The doctors are responsible for determining if the body is capable of HGH injection. For those under 21 years old, or as long as the growth plates are still open, the synthetic HGH is a fast solution for growth, yet it is very expensive. This involves many injections, which costs roughly around $30 to $40 per injection. Sometimes, this treatment even requires six times of injection in just one week. For those with fear of the needles, this might not work. In that case, HGH supplements or HGH releasers might be the better option. Taking HGH supplements is safer than injecting HGH since it prevents the complications from it, and this is much cheaper. This may be effective if the growth plates are still open’ therefore, this must be taken in the early stages of teens. Taking these if the growth plates are no longer open will just do no good in growing taller, but you are going to gain other benefits of HGH such as anti-aging. In both cases – the young and the older ones – they both restore the youthful glow and improved appearance, stronger immune system which makes then less prone to sickness, better muscle tone and faster metabolism that makes the burning of calories and fat faster which makes them slimmer, and most-importantly: self-confidence.

There are other hopes for those who do not want to risk on HGH injections. There are natural ways to grow taller: eating the right foods, drinking the right amount of water, doing a regular exercise routine, and sleeping adequately. Another method of synthetic growth can be achieved by limb or leg lengthening, which is the process of breaking the shin bones in order to stimulate the bone to grow more to connect the two broken bones, resulting to longer legs. However, the best solution is to stick with the natural methods. Click here to learn more about how to get taller naturally.
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