Saturday, 9 November 2013

Do Yoga, and Aid your Height with Laughter

Creating a balance between body and spirit is the main goal of yoga. Yoga also comprises of certain poses that can promote better posture which can make you seem taller. As the body is trained with positions that can relief tension on the spine and the muscles, we can adapt that proper posture and unconsciously sit and stand straight every day. This meditation relaxes the mind and body, which relieves stress. Without stress, growth hormones produce more. Stress is actually one of the hindrances of producing hormones. Since this meditation also includes breathing exercises, this promotes blood circulation. Good blood circulation gives the body’s vitamins, minerals, and nutrients a transport system to the vital parts of the body.

They say laughter us the best medicine. It cannot treat and cure everything literally, but laughter is an important practice that makes us healthier since we are free from stress. It leads to better oxygenation, and it even strengthens the heart. Cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks are prevented with laughing frequently. It also fills our bodies with energy. It can also produce growth hormone since this eliminates stress. Aside from these, it diminishes the pain we feel and it boosts the immune system which makes our body stronger against common diseases. Laughing can also help you keep that positive attitude in order for you to reach your goal. Keep in mind that you want to grow taller; therefore, keep a positive spirit by laughing! This positive spirit is going to motivate you to continue doing the practices that makes you taller: exercising, eating the right food, drinking lots of water, and sleeping. Quick how to get taller tips!

Yoga and laughter both do not directly contribute to height growth. What really causes the person to grow by performing yoga came from a cause and effect relationship. Yoga promotes mind and body exercise and relaxation from stress – these factors, when achieved, produces growth hormones and makes the body elongate. This is when the height growth starts. Doing yoga for the whole month is not going to show that increase in height yet. Keep on performing yoga the proper way in order to maximize the growth potential effectively. Aid it with proper diet, and drinking lots of water. When all these factors are combined with yoga and laughing, then that desired height is more attainable since these factors are now working together and complementing the positive effects of each other.

This meditation is one of the top five exercises that promote height growth. Some of the other top exercises are doing Pilates, stretching, hanging, and engaging in sports. Stretching is different from yoga in a way that it is a warm-up before extreme exercise or strenuous sports. It is done through certain positions that aim to stretch the neck, back, arms, and legs. In hanging, you literally hang your body. It is done by holding on a bar about 7 feet above the ground, then letting yourself hang straight. The body should be straight and the tension must be on the middle part of the body. When it comes to sports, the recommended sport to take is swimming; most especially that it has the least risk of getting injured. It stretches the back part of the body, arms, and legs. Aside from swimming, running and cycling are also recommended. Remember to stretch first before practicing your chosen sport!
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