Saturday, 9 November 2013

Pillow can be a Bad Idea if Your Goal is to Get Taller

Sleeping is a vital “activity” since this is the body’s time to regenerate. During a comfortable sleep, there is no much pressure applied on the spine. When standing up, the spine experiences stress since the spinal discs are compressed together. This makes the person look smaller. When the body is now laying on a comfortable position in bed, the spinal discs do not compress together anymore, which makes the spine expand. Now, when a comfortable sleeping position is identified, the pillow comes into the picture: most people think that the more pillows they have in bed, the more comfortable their sleep is going to be. This may hold true, but this is just a psychological effect. In reality, large pillows put stress on the spine while sleeping. Since the growth of the spine occurs when it is fully comfortable and there’s no stress in it, sleeping with a large pillow is going to stunt its growth.

Pillows used to be an indicator of social status back in the ancient Mesopotamian era. The more pillows they had, the more powerful and important they are in the society. Then, the ancient Europeans created and mastered the production of softer pillows. From there, it has started to be used by even common people. Pillow aims to aid those with pain problems from the neck, back, and shoulder while sleeping. Use grow taller 4 idiots today to grow taller naturally!

Pillows were invested to bring comfort to the people while they sleep. This is still true; but since people misuse pillows, this may lead to stunt height growth. Too much elevation on the beck is going to cause stress on the spine, which prevents it from regenerating and expanding. If you can, practice sleeping without a pillow! The first thing to do is to invest on a good mattress. Make sure that the mattress is not too soft. A soft mattress is going to modify itself according to the shape of the body, instead of the mattress modifying the shape of the body. Again, since a soft mattress is going to cope with what your body’s shape is, it has to be avoided. This is going to bend the spine which is going to put more stress on it. After investing on a good mattress, start practicing to sleep without a pillow. This may seem uncomfortable at first, but just adjust your mindset that you can do it and you can sleep comfortably without a pillow. The first night may be rough, but the uncomfortable feeling is going to decrease as you get more used to it. The next week of sleeping without a pillow is going to be easier, and the next month of sleeping without it is going to feel normal already! If you try to sleep again with a pillow after getting used to sleep without it, you are going to notice that you will wake up with neck and/or back pain due to the elevation of the pillow on the neck. Everything about how to get taller fast is laid out on this page.

There are people, though, who can’t sleep without a pillow. In this case, the pillow must be chosen carefully. The main guideline to be followed here is that the tougher the pillow is, the more it affects the neck. An orthopedic pillow is specially meant for correcting body position while sleeping. An orthopedic pillow is designed as a U-shaped pillow which gives more support on the neck. Sometimes though, this pillow leaves other people with neck aches. Another type of pillow is a memory pillow which modifies its shape according to the user’s shape. This does not return to original position fast.
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