Saturday, 9 November 2013

Some Foods can be Bad for Your Height Gain Goals

Carbohydrates comprise most of the food to be eaten as recommended by the food guide pyramid. On the contrary, too much of this can stunt height growth. Carbohydrates contain nutrients, but not too much. These are also rich in calories, and too much of this is not useful. This can also explain why Asians are smaller: their diet comprises mostly of carbohydrates, such as rice and noodles, and this gives them too many carbohydrates which stunts their growth. The Americans and Europeans who are taller on average than the Asians have a protein-rich diet comprised of meat and fish, which is the needed nutrient to aid height growth. If you love to eat rice, noodles, corn, bread, and cereal, do not panic on this note. It is not completely bad for the body since the right combination of carbohydrates and protein is going to maximize the person’s growth potential. This is proven as there were studies that compared the height of children who eat too many carbohydrates with the ones who eat a balanced amount of carbohydrates and protein. Studies show that the children in the first case stated is smaller, while the previously stated case is taller.

Excessive saturated fats are another affecting factor. Fats make you gain weight; the more you weigh, the smaller you appear. This type of fats is found on butter, milk, sweets, pastries, cookies, chocolate, cake, ice cream, white parts on animal meat, and chicken skin. These foods are not totally banned from those who want to gain height, but intakes of these should be minimized. Our body still needs fats to insulate body and regulate metabolism (which is important in extracting nutrients), so give it unsaturated fats. This can be found on vegetable oil. With this, opt to cook your food with vegetable oil rather than butter.

Junk foods should be avoided since these are not healthy at all. These lack the amount of nutrients and minerals the body needs to grow. It is largely made up of preservatives, which is not even good to the body in general. Drinking too much soda may also lead to lower bone density. With these reasons, junk foods and sodas must be a very small part of the diet only. Grow Taller 4 Idiots actually works!!

Soy contains phytic acid, which reduces the absorption of calcium. Calcium is essential for bone building. This can also be found on yogurt. Phytic acid is the principal storage of phosphorus, and is really not absorb able in character. Not only does it reduce the absorption of the macro minerals like calcium, it also affects absorption of micro minerals such as iron. Iron composes the oxygen transport that our body needs. If a body has proper blood circulation, this also means that the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals we eat are transported properly in the body.

There is the common belief that coffee can stunt height growth. Coffee does not affect height growth already. It is rich in caffeine, which awakens the central nervous system. If drinking coffee, soda, sports drink, or anything with high caffeine content may affect sleep. The right amount of sleep is important for those who want to grow taller, since this gives time for the body to regenerate and to transport the growth hormone.

Keep in mind to eat food rich in protein, calcium, vitamins C and D, and minerals. Lack of these is not going to maximize one’s growth potential. It is better to concentrate on eating the right foods, than to concentrate on avoiding foods that stunt growth. Completely eliminating those is bad for the body because it still needs a little amount of those. Maintaining the balance amount of the food recommended to eat and the ones stated on the article is the key. Visit our homepage to learn more.
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